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What I do

Who am I?

As of June 2019, Bowen Mentoring is a one man mission

Cyrille Labesse

Ruby on Rails Master

It's been over 12 years I have been developing software, after acquiring a stable confidence in web development in general, I decided to share my knowledge so others can benefit from this incredible freedom.

I am passionate about the globe, the people inside it and the challenges the world is facing today. Strong believer in positive change, I think the future lies in robotisation of all slavish labor tasks, global currencies and the sharing economy.

Originally French, I have been travelling since a very young age thanks to my dad's geographical job assignments. My mother tongues are French, English, I can converse in Spanish, Indonesian, Vietnamese, German and Japanese.

Most of my time, I help people Reclaim their Freedom & Inner Authority.

I was born a 6/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator.

What can I offer?

After 12 years of web/software expertise, here is what I can offer

1-on-1 teaching

Anywhere in the world or simply just behind your computer screen via screen-sharing, I accompany you in learning web development, whatever experience you may have.

Class Teaching

I have taught in universities, private schools and web dev bootcamps soon. From software development basics, to very specific Ruby on Rails techniques, all is covered.

Full-stack Development

If you are looking for an expert to join your project or need someone to go from an idea, through design and coding, my team is available under my senior lead.

Where am I located?

I am based in beautiful Bowen Island, BC, grateful to be surrounded by such extraordinary nature!

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