A unique opportunity to confirm your coding skills, receive professional and personal mentoring while creating meaningful change.


The Program

Work on both professional and personal goals

Co-create a unique program combining coding and self-care

Hands-on Experience working
on real-world applications

Full access to a mentor, coding instructor and lifestyle/wellness coach

Tailored group mentoring every day to advance your skills and assignments

Moneyless work swap system:
You trade coding hours for mentoring

Weekly lifestyle mentorship for balanced and entrepreneurial lifestyle

The deets

About the teacher

Cyrille Labesse

After 15 years of developing web apps and launching a few startups around all continents, Cyrille fell in love with a breathtakingly beautiful British Columbian Island. If you sail over to his turf, you'll find him dancing to house music, playing rumba gitana, splitting cedar rounds, healing his peers and spreading all the love he can.

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What they said

The guides

Cassien Labesse

Explorer and visionary at heart, he shares his contagious creativity and helps you connect to that place of inner knowing, where your true nature can flow effortlessly. When he's not cooking a colorful meal you'll find him singing gipsy tunes with his brother on Bowen Island.

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Davide Nastasi (Yoredamo)

Business consultant, serial entrepreneur and founder of Vibrando Cura, an international movement created to connect holistic therapists all around the world.

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